Overcome Your Fear of Selling in Just 55 Minutes
The ultimate 5-step selling system for freelancers and coaches!

That's right... you'll go from fearful of selling to completely confident in less than an hour—even if you've never sold anything before. Now you can grow your own business and live the life you want.

It's natural to be fearful of selling when you don't have a system. But now you can learn a simple 5-step framework for sales pitches that will give you bullet-proof confidence—without reading boring sales books or watching Tony Robbins videos!
"Hitting The Wall"

You have an awesome idea to grow your own business... but you're struggling to show people the full value.

You're losing confidence, wondering if your idea will work. You feel like you've hit a wall... 

Well, that wall you've hit is very real. And it's the most common cause of start-up failure.

  • Do you find yourself putting off sales calls, because you don't know what to say? 
  • Are you avoiding selling because it makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable? 
  • Do you feel that selling is something other people are good at—but it's "just not for you?"

Then, you're scared of selling. And I know exactly how you feel...

I wasn’t confident or outgoing when I started selling—in fact, I felt embarrassed and self-conscious. 

But once I knew the fundamentals of how to pitch, everything became easier. I felt more confident and my business grew. It was like night and day.

Imagine What Life Will Be Like When You Run Your Own Business...

  • Do what you love
  • Have no one telling you what to do
  • Work when you choose
  • Help others with your service
  • Run your own show, from anywhere in the world!

Now You Can—Thanks To...

The 55-Minute video course for entrepreneurs who want to grow their own business and achieve financial freedom.

So, What's In It for You?

You learn how to construct the perfect sales pitch, sell your service for its full value, and handle objections like a pro. And you will feel yourself shift from being anxious and fearful, to confident and compelling—in less than one hour!

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Here's What's Included
5 Steps to the Perfect Sales Pitch

  • The complete framework for your perfect pitch
  • Learn how to manage a sales conversation from start to finish

How to Sell Your Story to Anyone

  • Connect your story to your High-Ticket Offer
  • Make yourself credible and relatable to your target audience

Tap Into The 5 Buying Impulses

  • Humans are driven by hidden impulses
  • Learn the sales techniques to appeal to ultimate desires

Handle the Most Common Objections

  • What to do when you get a "NO!"
  • Learn how to respond to the most challenging objections


“Learn to sell, learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.”

Bonus Content

Downloadable PDF with the "5 Steps to the Perfect Sales Pitch" included in

Lesson One

Learn how you can cultivate "The Millionaire Mindset.

Email support. 1-on-1 Sales Coaching available on request.

"With My 5-Step Selling System, You'll Be Making Sales With Confidence in Less Than an Hour"

  • Create your own high-revenue sales process
  • Turn fear and apprehension into confidence and optimism
  • Look forward to sales calls because you know how to close!
  • Show yourself and others you're good enough to run your own business—and prove it with your profits!


"In 55 minutes you can learn more than from 10s of hours of watching youtube videos where you constantly hear the same advice you already know. I believe Joe’s course can be a game-changer for most people - just pay attention, take notes and then apply it."



"Before The 5-Step Selling System, the idea of selling felt overwhelming. But this course broke it down into easy-to-understand steps that completely transformed my approach. Now, I have the confidence to sell, and the strategies to back it up." 


"Anyone can learn sales fundamentals, and anyone can sell successfully!"

Hey, I'm Joe France,

I've been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. 

When I was 25, I quit law school and started selling door-to-door. I side-stepped into tech startups and after 11 years of trial-and-error, I became a millionaire. 

Unfortunately, I went and lost it all investing in someone else’s business… I had to start again from scratch. 

So, I went back to selling and earned it all back (and more) in just 8 years. 

Knowing how to sell has made me a millionaire, twice… and it will do the same for you, too. 
The First (and Only) Selling Course You'll Ever Need

None of us are born knowing how to sell, and trying to "learn as you go" can involve a drawn-out slog of disheartening trial-and-error.

But if you start with the right fundamentals, you can pitch an offer immediately. And that means you start making money in no time at all.

This 55-minute course covers all the essential techniques and frameworks for selling a high-ticket offer so you can sell with confidence

and quickly grow your own business.

Imagine this...

You begin the 5-Step Selling System right now. In just one hour, you're developing your own winning sales pitch. The next thing you know, you're on a call closing a sale.

As soon as you start selling, your life changes. You go from wondering whether your idea is going to work, to choosing how fast you grow—and where in the world you will work from...

Everything You Need is in Here
5 Steps to the Perfect Sales Pitch
How to Sell Your Story to Anyone
Handle Common Objections 
Learn the 5 Buying Impulses
The Super Seller Mindset
55 Minutes

All for

Only $97

The complete course content is available immediately, so you can binge all of it now, or take as much time as you need!
Still Not Sure if This is Right for You?
Let’s talk it out
This is Perfect for You If

  • You have a business idea or you've created a high-ticket offer you need to pitch to clients
  • You've never sold anything before, or you've tried to sell without success (maybe you've decided you don't like selling, and believe you're not cut out for it) 
  • You dream about helping people with your service or program, but you're becoming frustrated because don't know how to convince prospects of its full value

This Is Not for You If

  • You don't need to make money quickly
  • You have thick skin and plenty of time to teach yourself how to sell through trial-and-error
  • You have enough money to hire a team of salespeople to work for you and you're not interested in talking to prospective customers yourself
  • You prefer working for a salary and don't want the freedom to choose when you work or where in the world you work from

Fire away…
  • Can anyone learn to sell?
    Yes—selling is a skill like any other. Anyone can learn the simple framework and techniques for a successful sales pitch. Whatever your personality-type of experience, you can learn and apply this system quickly.
  • Do I need to have an offer ready to benefit from this course?
    No—you don’t need to have your offer ready to go. One of the best ways to test your ideas is to pitch them to prospects and see whether there is demand. The earlier you start this process the better—and knowing how to sell will get results fast.
  • Does the Independent You 5-Step Selling System work for all products and services?
    Yes—the 5-Step Selling System works whatever it is you’re trying to sell. I have used this system for over 20 years to sell products and services. It works for low-ticket and high value offers (I once sold a $50m deal using the same system). I designed the examples and case studies in the course with coaches and freelancers in mind. The typical high-ticket offer is between $2k to $10k.
  • Do I have to be pushy to be successful at sales?
    No! In fact, pushy salespeople are not successful at growing service-based businesses that depend on building great relationships. When you understand how to sell, you can develop a style to match your personality and reflect your awesome business.
  • Is there a guarantee?
    Absolutely! If you're not completely satisfied with the Independent You 5-Step Selling System for Entrepreneurs within the first 30 days, simply email me at joe@theindependentyou.com and I will refund your purchase in full.
  • Got another question?
    Fire away—I love to chat with fellow entrepreneurs. Run your business idea past me, ask me anything at all. Just shoot an email to joe@theindependentyou.com


“A sale always happens. 

Either you sell the other person on your solution or they sell you on their excuse.”

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